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Postby alfa88 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:03 am

I just my new Littermaid after the last one could not be patched any more. I see they've made a few changes. Hopefully for the good. The motor is geared differently. I thought it was a Skill saw off in the distance. Not that it's loud, it's just higher pitched now. The rake ramps have an extra starter lip on them now; maybe to ease stresses on the rake slides. The power switch is a button not a slide switch. The bottom front has less plastic. I intend on maintaining this one a little more instead of repairing it like the last one.
Fixes I did to the last one in order of failures:
Replaced broken rake assembly wheels with screws and wheels from a Hot Wheels car.
Replaced broken rake slide with sheet metal and screws.
Repaired litter tray hinge pin with glue and screws.
Repaired ramp hinge pin with glue and screws.
Re aligned stripped motor pinion by drilling another motor mount screw hole. Finally the gear stripped all the way ending the final chapter in this litter box's story.
Credits go to JB Weld, Shoe Goo, Dremel and Irwin tin snips.
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