Cat accustomed to larger box - pees outside

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Cat accustomed to larger box - pees outside

Postby Jo » Tue Jun 14, 2005 1:27 pm

Hi all,

Got the Robot set up about a week ago. Both cats have always had an extra large regular box (covered), and both have the long-held habit of peeing in the front of the box and pooping in the back.

They got acclimated to the robot and use it - albeit still with some trepidation - (insta-flee out of there as soon as they're done), but there have been 2 accidents so far. In all of the 7 years I've had them, we've never had an accident until now.

I caught 1 in the act today - he goes in, but not far enough, and his butt hangs outside while he merrily pees all over the step and the floor in front of the box. Some goes into the drawer. All of it is a big mess. I'm guessing he's just used to having the bigger box, he goes in until his face is yay-far from the back of the box and figures he's good to go.

Customer service suggesting dangling something like a quarter or other small weight in the entrance, to tap the kitty on the behind if he is not far enough in. I'll give it a shot. They extended my 30 day trial period to 45 days, thank you!

I also read about taping the entrance a couple of inches and will give that a try, too. I've also hauled out the regular litter box again - bad idea? I'm not going to clean it (encourage them to use the LR), but I'd rather have a stinky box than pee on the floor!

What has worked for your cats? Please help!
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Postby cas » Tue Jun 14, 2005 7:31 pm

They're all v. litter oriented and haven't peed outside the box. It is a somewhat common problem, though. So, you aren't alone.

Lily is incredibly litter conscious (we attribute it to life outdoors on the bayou as a kitten.)

Harley, not as much, but still likes litter.

Shadow just doesn't want to be bad - ever. He's a conspiracy theorist and believes that any bad behavior will lead to his demise.
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