Decreasing cat poop smell with food or water additives

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Decreasing cat poop smell with food or water additives

Postby MarkD » Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:32 pm

This may be a little off topic, but seems applicable to the Cat Genie.

I have noticed that we occasionally have accidents because one of our cats does not cover her poo.
So if she goes first, sometimes he will go in and cover her poo before he does his thing, otherwise, he will go outside the box. The smell of her poo is pretty horrific. If it is covered, the smell is not too bad, at least to my human sense of smell.

Pee does not seem to be an issue. Seems to be well trapped under the bowl.

Also, lets face it, previously I used Tidy Cat clumping that seemed to be able to mask anything even if it was not covered.

Even running the CG 4 times a day does not guarantee that it can remove her poo before he needs to use the box.

If I could decrease the smell of their poo, I think it would decrease the number of accidents.

I found something that claims to eliminate / decrease the smell of their poo/pee if you treat their food or water.
One is OdorFree (food additive)
The other is Bi-Odor (water additive)

Has anyone used these? How well did it work?
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Re: Decreasing cat poop smell with food or water additives

Postby Hazmat » Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:41 pm

Can't address the poo smell thing but I think I've read about stuff that will reduce it.

But I also read somewhere that sometimes a dominant cat will not cover their poo while the subrdinate cats will. Perhaps you have a cat social issue. Your old male might be afraid of the newcommer. While the newer cat is just doing her thing. Try just keeping a rake handy and cover her poo and see if the male will then use the CatGenie.
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