CatGenie **FAQ** ! :)

The CatGenie is the only self-cleaning box on the market. An evolution of the LitterFree design, it connects to your household plumbing.

CatGenie **FAQ** ! :)

Postby Pelvis Popcan » Mon Apr 30, 2007 6:07 am

I found I had a lot of questions regarding the upcoming accessories and such for the CatGenie, so I thought I'd post a FAQ here. This information represents my BEST understanding based on information published by PetNovations and private messaged to me by CatGenie. I will update and correct it as CatGenie instructs and/or as new information becomes available.

It is very important to understand that I am not an employee of PetNovations; I am an end customer. I wrote this FAQ because I felt it would be nice information to have available in one place at the present time. :)

**Updated 11/29/2007

  • What is the "new impeller"? - A small percentage of owners experienced problems with their CatGenie stalling with very hard solid waste. This is actually a failsafe built into the unit to keep the motor from overheating. PetNovations addressed the problem by redesigning the impeller. The new impeller has small "teeth" on it to help grind up very hard solid waste more easily.
  • If I buy a CatGenie, will I get the new impeller or the old one? - As of April 17, 2007, PetNovations began shipping units with new impellers. If you order your CatGenie from, your unit will come with the new impeller. If you order from other sources, you may get the original impeller design as those vendors sell off their existing inventory.
  • What if I have the original impeller or get a machine with the original impeller. Do I need to get the new one? - If you are not experiencing any stalling or clogging issues, then no, you do not need to get the new impeller.
  • I do have stalling or clogging issues! How do I get the new impeller? - Call or e-mail PetNovations and they will ship one out to you at no charge.
  • What's this talk I've heard about different revisions of this new impeller? - PetNovations had sent newly designed impellers to certain customers for testing purposes before releasing it and including it with new units. There have been two designs of the new impeller. The first one is known as revision 1 or version 2. The second one is known as revision 2 or version 3.
  • What's the difference between these two revisions? - The first revision has "pointy" teeth. The second revision still has teeth but loses the "points".
  • What's the final revision, 1 or 2? - The final revision that is going out with new units is revision 2 or version 3.
  • If I have revision 1, do I need to send it back to get revision 2? - Revision 2 addresses an issue that is purely cosmetic. Both revisions have the same functionality with regard to grinding up waste and preventing stalls. If you have no issues or concerns with revision 1, there is no need to swap it out for revision 2.
  • Will PetNovations release a cover for the CatGenie? - YES! The new cover is called the "GenieDome".
  • Is it out yet? - YES!
  • Will new CatGenies come with the GenieDome, or will this be an extra item only? - PetNovations currently sells new CatGenies in two packages. The original CatGenie package is now called the "Tabby Package" and does not include the GenieDome or SideWalls. A package that includes the GenieDome and SideWalls is called the "Tuxedo Package."
  • What are the "SideWalls"? - SideWalls are inserts that fit around the edge of the CatGenie's bowl. They are intended to help keep litter granules from being flung out of the box when kitty paws and digs while using the CatGenie. They also allow the GenieDome to attach to the CatGenie. The same answers for the GenieDome apply to the SideWalls with regard to availability.
  • Are the SideWalls that come with the GenieDome the same as the SideWalls available separately? - Yes, they are the same. If you want to order the GenieDome but for whatever reason decide you want to use just the SideWalls, you can do so and you will have the same setup as with the SideWalls available separately.
  • What are the "Genie Paws"? - Genie Paws are mats that you place around the CatGenie that will help knock off any granules stuck to kitty's paws and prevent kitty from tracking them over the house. They are available as single packs and three packs. The same answers for the GenieDome apply to the Genie Paws with regard to availability.
  • I need a replacement part. I can't find any replacement parts available to order from - While PetNovations has no immediate plans to offer replacement parts for ordering on, there is a two year warranty on parts. Therefore, for at least two years from the CatGenie's original release date, replacement parts are free and can be obtained by calling or e-mailing PetNovations.
  • I bought a new CatGenie and the bowl won't rotate! - The first "wave" of units shipped out by PetNovations had a packaging issue that caused the bowl to get stuck under the lever that moves the GenieHand. This caused the bowl to warp slightly, and this warping was enough to cause the gear teeth on the edge of the bowl to lose contact with the gear that turns it. You likely received one of these early packaged units. You could simply call or e-mail PetNovations and they will send you out a new bowl at no charge, or you could try placing a number 204 o-ring (lubricated with a little Vaseline or silicone lubricant) around the little white raised disc on the bottom center of the unit (underneath the bowl). This will raise the bowl up enough to keep it from hitting anything other than the gear that's supposed to turn it. Over a few weeks, the heat from the dryer will "warp" the bowl back into the correct shape, and you can remove the o-ring.
  • My CatGenie drainage hose is clogged! How do I unclog it? - Many people have success by simply "shaking" the hose against the wall or floor. Another simple and effective solution is to get a can of compressed air. Attach the straw included with the compressed air to the spray head, then insert it into the end of the drainage line. Press your thumb over the opening, against the straw, and blow air into the line until you can hear bubbling in the CatGenie. Unplug the CatGenie, then plug it in again. It should start by itself. You might want to babysit the machine to make sure that the Genie Hand does not scoop a heap of wet granules into the hopper. If the CatGenie fills with more water, you are safe to leave it finish.
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Postby Pelvis Popcan » Thu May 10, 2007 6:54 am

Bump! :D
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Re: CatGenie **FAQ** regarding updates and accessories! :)

Postby Pelvis Popcan » Thu Nov 29, 2007 5:24 am

BuMpZ 8)
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Re: CatGenie **FAQ** ! :)

Postby callynemily » Tue Dec 25, 2007 6:16 pm

Bump! This should be stickied! Great advice!

Bye the way, when I purchased my CG, I did so by calling the toll free# on the website and they sold me both the CG WITH the sidewalls and genie dome all at the same price- $300. I asked why and they said it was b/c I called instead of ordering it over the internet. It surprised me! This was at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec 2007. They even had a deal going at the time and gave me an extra $30 off if I paid for it all at once as opposed to 3 separate payment installments.
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Re: CatGenie **FAQ** ! :)

Postby boshk » Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:53 pm

if only this faq said where to buy replacement motors...
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